Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Coming Soon...

Life, as usual, has intruded into my content mill.

Sometime in the new future, I will get around to reviewing the following items:

1. CRKT Delegate folding knife

2. Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sporter (possibly in comparison with the carbine version and the Marlin 60)

3. Hawke Sport Optics Sport HD IR AO (eieio) 3-9 x 40 Mil-Dot Rifle Scope

4. An as yet to be determined rental car

5. Another gun range(s)

6. A Concealed Handgun Class

7. Comparison of the Otterbox Defender and Commuter iPhone cases.

I am not sure in what order these reviews will appear; but, give me a little time, and they will all flush through eventually.